About Associate Professor Guy Hingston

Guy HingstonDr. Guy Hingston, a surgical oncologist and oncoplastic breast surgeon based in New South Wales, Australia, specializes in breast reduction and reconstruction surgery. In addition to practicing at his clinics, Dr. Guy Hingston frequently speaks and lectures on preventive health issues at schools, universities, businesses and conferences. Please visit http://www.drguy.com.au for more information about his speaking activities.

Dr. Guy recently published two preventive health service manuals – ‘The Gold Book for Women – Women’s Service Manual for Life’ and ‘The Gold Book for Men – Men’s Service Manual for Life’. These service manuals are available online at http://www.gold-book.net. They provide readers with lifelong strategies for preventing disease and identifying health problems early before they develop into serious problems. Using the latest medical research data and international preventive health recommendations, his publications focus on preventing the serious ill health caused by cardiovascular disease and cancer in society today.

Furthermore, Dr. Guy Hingston has contributed his expertise in letter form to several medical journals – notably the British Journal of Surgery and Medical Journal of Australia. He completed his Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Brisbane back in 1997, and subsequently earned full membership in the Breast Section of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons the following year.


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